Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Straight Shotacon Comic


off the press at Panini (Jep! The print is not just comics!): Sissi - The Vampire Slayer of Claudia Kern . Sissi
For purist fans of the novel would constitute a sacrilege to their icon - I find it funny! But on the set "And again roared in the distance a deer." instead of the usual erotic scene, I have be├Âmmelt me with laughter. This is the story not only funny comedy, on the contrary, since it is also good to the point, just with a sense of humor. Something other than this unspeakable Vampirschmonzetten the still flood the book shelves.

Apart from the fact that the book certainly entertaining, I ASCOTT his appearance because also because I made the cover . However, I am far from me to decorate with borrowed plumes. Because of the recognition we have decided to revise the famous Sissi-Portrait (of Franz Winterhalter ) bw new interpretation of the novel fits

forgery and original, find the ten differences!


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